To contact our center and learn more about potential enrollment, please complete our Initial Inquiry Form.

The Discovery Center invites parents to attend one of our regularly-scheduled parent tours prior to enrollment. The Discovery Center director, Debbie Belcher, conducts these adult-only tours of the center, including a comprehensive visit to each of our six classrooms.

Tours provide ample opportunity for parents to ask questions of and engage with our director. A tour is required prior to the child's enrollment at The Discovery Center.

Quote I have had nothing but good come of our decision to enroll our daughter at Discovery Center. She has grown and changed and become a stronger, more independent little girl. She loves school and always looks forward to coming. I have recommended this program to others and will continue to do so in the future.Unquote

For specific tour dates and times, please call (734) 663-7496 or email The Discovery Center. If you need information about how to find The Discovery Center, you can find a map here on our web site.

After completing a parent tour, parents may request enrollment in The Discovery Center program at any time by contacting our director either by phone or email to request a desired schedule and start date. Our director will confirm the space availability and start date and contact the parents either to confirm the spot or inform the parents of their waiting list status, should they request a schedule we are unable to accommodate.

Once a space has been confirmed, we will gather additional information in order to create a customized contract for the family. After receiving the contract in the mail, parents will have two weeks to return a signed contract and a $200 deposit that will later be applied to the child's last month of tuition. This deposit, which is non-refundable, guarantees the child's spot in our program. A $100 enrollment fee is also billed with the first month's tuition statement.

Once we have received the signed contract and deposit, we will send parents a packet of materials that will guide them through the various forms and documents they must submit for the child by the first day of attendance.

Parents will also need to arrange for at least one, and up to four, parent/child visits as introduction and orientation for the child one to two weeks prior to the scheduled starting date. These 45-minute classroom visits are an excellent way to allow the child an opportunity to explore the new classroom and meet his or her teachers and classmates with parent support and encouragement.

To contact our center and learn more about potential enrollment, please complete our Initial Inquiry Form.