About Our Staff

The staff in each classroom at The Discovery Center consists of a team of professional "key" teachers supported by assistant teachers and an administrative staff. All staff members work toward implementing The Discovery Center program goals.

All key teachers are college graduates educated in child development and the learning processes of children. One of the key teachers in each classroom is designated the "head" teacher and is responsible for supervision of staff and coordination of activities within the classroom. With child development principles in mind, the key teachers plan and implement The Discovery Center program as a team. In addition, they observe and record children’s developmental progress, communicate with parents, and supervise the support staff.

The support staff, including assistant teachers, assist the key teachers in carrying out the program. The entire staff at The Discovery Center is dedicated to providing a nurturing, educational, creative environment in which children can explore a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences.

Quote We'll never have 3 wonderful teachers like this again – unless we’re very lucky!Unquote

The administrative staff is responsible for the entire enrollment process, staff scheduling, staff training and development, purchasing, bookkeeping, and the day-to-day business operations of the center.

If you are interested in becoming a member of The Discovery Center staff, please call 734-663-7496 or email us.

Meet the Staff

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