Quote From our past experience, we know that the level of caring, effort, and professionalism you show is not found everywhere. Most important, you seem to understand that children can only learn new skills and gain confidence and self-esteem in an environment where they feel valued, accepted and respected. You do a beautiful job of providing that environment — thank you.Unquote

The Discovery Center program incorporates the following principles of child development:

Secure personal relationships, creative opportunities for learning and self-expression, and appropriate guidance at each stage of a child's development are essential to The Discovery Center program.

Respecting the Child and Family Culture

In keeping with The Discovery Center's philosophy that each individual is unique, we are committed to respecting the diverse needs of our school population. Culture is reflected in all aspects of our program. Children learn about and explore cultures and the diversity of our families. We also actively involve parents and families by incorporating the diverse cultures of our families and community into everyday experiences. Additionally, staff have ongoing training opportunities annually to further their knowledge and understanding of our diverse school population. This allows them to enhance their classrooms' daily communications and curriculum planning experiences. Supporting all of our children and their families in their cultural values is of great importance to our program at The Discovery Center.