Sample Classroom Schedules

Sample Orange Room Schedule  

Sample Young 5s Program/Yellow Room Daily Schedule   Sample Full Day Daily Schedule

Sample Orange Room Schedule
7:30-8:30am Early Arrival
8:30-9:30am Outside Time
9:30-10:00am Group Snack
10:00-10:15am Calendar Time
10:15-11:00am Free Choice Time
11:00-11:30am Rainbow Room Time
11:30am AM Departure
11:30-12:00pm Large Group Time
12:00-12:25pm Outside Time
12:25-12:55pm Lunch
1:00pm AM With Lunch Departure
12:55-1:20pm Quiet Rest and Story
1:20-1:45pm Rainbow Room Time
1:45-2:00pm AM Lunch/Extended Day Departure